Trump Under Fire Over Syria Evacuation: The Complexities of Funding Proxy Fighters Tied to the Terrorist Kurdish Workers Party

One thing is certain regarding President Trump’s decision to remove America’s troops from Syria: whatever offensive Turkey plans against forces tied to the communist Kurdish Workers Party terrorist organization PKK in northern Syria, it will reflect somehow on Trump’s legacy with respect to foreign policy if the operation results in a broader regional conflict. Out of 1,000 military advisers located in the region, only 50 were located at the border. Given Turkey will likely deploy thousands of troops into the area, it is unlikely that 1,000 advisers, let alone 50 of our servicemen located at the border, could stop a sudden attack by Turkey deeper into Syria. For those not aware, the PKK has been classified a ‘Foreign Terrorist Organization’ by the State Department since October 8, 1997. In a larger sense, our foreign policy in Syria has been to illegally fund terrorists tied to Al-Qaeda to fight both the Assad regime in Syria. It was this policy which ultimately led to the creation of what is today the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. To defeat them, we funded a communist terror organization.

Europe’s ‘Powder Keg’ is Still Ignited by ‘An Executioner of His Own People’

No doubt the historical record will again be revised to cast blame on one group or the other, but not the responsible actor. As Winston Churchill noted, “History is written by the winners.” Like of Yugoslav giants of lore such as Chetnik general Draža Mihailović, communist dictator Josef Broz Tito and Serbian genocidal warlord Slobodan Milošević who have risen and fallen, the 140 year old warning by Bismarck of ‘some damn foolish thing in the Balkans’ will continue prompting winners — a new ‘Black Hand’ serving as ‘the executioner of his own people’ who will ‘set the whole thing off in the Balkans’ — to to add new chapters into European history textbooks littering future homecomings through blood and soil in Sarajevo.

The War on Drugs: A Dialogue Between Cold Logic and Bleeding Hearts

The question of morality is an argument between personal and political ethics versus an ever-expanding state — a matter so impossible to reconcile who has the right to make might between individual liberty and democratic pluralism. Thus, the conflict between religious freedom (socially contractual) and economic liberty (individualism, anarchy) is an eternal debate between the hot and cold in understanding the war on drugs.

A History of the Russo-Syrian Alliance

The history of Russian Middle East foreign policy with respect to Syria traces back to the pivotal reign of Ivan III (Ivan the Great), who selected the Eastern Orthodox Church at Constantinople to legitimize the royal line’s rule by divine right upon his arranged marriage to the niece of Byzantium’s last emperor, Zoë (Sophia) Paleologue. The Turks of Anatolia…

For Late I.R.A. Leader Martin McGuinness, Social Justice’s Path to “Reconciliation and Peace-building” Was Paved Through Terror

Whether one remembers Martin McGuinness as a freedom fighter or terrorist, or more recently, a “peacemaker,” one thing is certain: The path to Hell is paved with good intentions. To Hambleton and many others, “He was very opaque and selective with the truth.” But for McGuinness and Jo Berry, “good intentions” meant paving a path to “reconciliation and peace-building” with the blood and bones of the hundreds he killed in the name of social justice.