What is the Individual, and Why Should We Care?

Perhaps the key to explaining who I am or who you are is to define ‘What is the Individual?’ The online Business Dictionary will define him using the most generic, two word term as the first explanation: ‘A person’. That person is effectively a soulless cog in the machine of a cold, steely world, void of warmth and possessing untapped potential. This leads to the second explanation, that an individual is “A distinct, indivisible entity, often one among many others of a similar kind” — a majority of one who possess a vote, a distinct, unique intellect with certain talents with a more undetermined potential energy as a free agent and consumer in a much broader economic strata.

Suppressing Tommy Robinson Will Justify a Successful Gunpowder Plot and a European Reformation

For the entire Left, the truth really is stranger than fiction: society must simply ignore the indefensible, attribute it to “microaggressions,” or “workplace violence” and “white privilege”, and move on. The truth, they say, could unlock the American people’s natural curiosity, to freely speak and address unfettered truths which creeping socialism gradually eroded, or attempt to censor all free access to information. No wonder then more and more Americans now spurn the mainstream media in favor of alternative sources. This is the true arsenal for democracy, the ultimate weapon for defending British customs and justice for Tommy Robinson and all who have been victimized by the rapid influx of Muslim ‘migrants’. While some may condemn Robinson’s ‘reckless behavior’ or even ‘stupidity’, his very public arrest has acquired him far more power than the political establishment could possibly imagine and henceforth, a corrupt government openly embracing its role as a police state, teetering on edge ever closer to total collapse beneath the weight of its own corruption, has never deserved for a gunpowder plot to succeed so badly as today as memories of the 1649 beheading of Charles I, condemned for declaring war against his royal subjects, become more relevant.

The Difference Between Communism and the Hitler Faith is Very Slight

Because of this slight difference between rebellious nature to destroy Christian morality under ‘the Hitler faith’ (the Jewish Jesus Christ), and the amoral, godless dogma driving the utilitarian nature of Communism, the matter that mass murder and state terrorism was not a matter for debate. The reason, the largely irrelevant position over who should die between the racially unfit or those classes (bourgeoisie) failing to justify their existence was, not if or why, given they were one-and-the-same demographics. Because of this, the difference between history’s two most genocidal ideologies, in the words of Joseph Goebbels, are slight.

Deconstructing Political Correctness 101, Part One: A Brief History of What Makes Us

As Joseph Stalin once noted, “Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.” The politically correct end likewise for Democrats and the globalist elites is to reconstruct a brave new world where “all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so,” be it through “war without bloodshed” or “politics with bloodshed”.  Other prominent leftists like Russell and Margaret Sanger rejected traditional Judeo-Christian checks on human sexuality stunting the spread of scientism and secular humanism that reinforce Aryan supremacy as with National Socialism, or though those who otherwise fell under the Marxist-Leninist umbrella of “Scientific racism… an equal opportunity discriminator.” After all, anyone alive with a “defective gene pool” or resistant to ‘correct political views’ can fall prey to those profiting off ‘blood money’. After all, Planned Parenthood —  as “self-consciously organized” by its founder, Sanger — was designed “in part, to promote and enforce White Supremacy” by packaging feminism as the great liberator for women oppressed by all “Marriage laws… a continuous sexual slavery and a compulsory motherhood… dictated and dominated by the Church always and ever upon the unquestionable grounds of the wisdom of the Bible”. Such a ‘somewhat unpleasant’ slippery slope acknowledged by Russell would never apply to racial and political “thoroughbreds” like Hitler, Russell and Sanger tabbed to preside over a “Population Congress” under the United Nations — for they, as “Really high minded people are indifferent to happiness, especially other people’s.” Targeted specifically would be ‘True Christianity’ — what Jean-Jacques Rousseau defined to be the Christianity of the Gospels — and Judaism, in light of the return of the Jews to the Holy Land of Israel. And the scientists perfecting ‘technique’ to attack both, according to Russell, “will be rigidly confined to the governing class.” Without such secrecy reinforcing this massive foundation of ignorance necessary for driving the left-wing globalist elite, how else could billions be brainwashed “produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable”? It is here where history, coupled with resurrecting the organic and true nature behind the development of Anglo-American semantics through lexicology that could launch a third Great Awakening of the nation’s Judeo-Christian principles in today’s godless postmodern America.

Fascism and the New Deal

History as taught in America’s public schools adequately teaches of the atrocities committed under communism and during the Third Reich. But while students are taught to revere such Marxist icons as Che Guevara, Fidel Castro and Mao Zedong as social justice warriors resorting to state terrorism and violence as the means for building socialism, Hitler…

From Guernica to Russia, with Love

The greatest threat to democracy in the 21st Century is “political correctness”. The Soviet Union may have invented it, but through the sycophantry of America’s universities, Democrats who now very openly admit being Marxists peddle postmodern thought like a heart from Hell, intending, according to an editorial in The Washington Times, “to stifle the conscience and suppress belief…

The Art of the American Conservative Counterrevolution

Since World War I and especially after the 1960’s, American nationalism has centered around the civic “minuteman culture” of the Founding Fathers and a stern belief (and rightfully) in America’s exceptionalism. With the rise of Donald Trump however, and his subsequent appointment of Cabinet members like Steve Bannon, the American brand of nationalism being politically…

Any “American System” Must Devolve the Federal Government Unto Main Street to Save America

If nationalism is uniformly “the premise that the individual’s loyalty and devotion to the nation-state surpass other individual or group interests” according to Encyclopedia Britannica, then Beck, as usual, ridiculously hyperventilated behind the microphone inside his Dallas studio. Beck is himself a nationalist; in fact, he is an openly proud American patriot, a “flag waver”. If people are willingly to be identified based on their favorite college football program’s conference just as colonists did primarily by state (in fact, there were 13 colonies, not one united front, prior to the formation of the new nation), America cannot be a nation grounded under any common cultural foundation. Rather, it thrives off primally tribal “ethnographic principles” much as the original settlers who, over 30,000 years ago, crossed the Bering Strait land bridge into an untamed North America. American nationalism has always rejected the erosion of national sovereignty or, more specifically, “the particular and parochial, the differences, and the national individualities” the United Nations and European Union have successfully undermined by destroying what is “universally human, the faith in reason (one and the same everywhere) as well as in common sense, the survival of Christian and Stoic traditions… compatible with cosmopolitan convictions and… a general love of mankind” driving their agenda for a one world government.

Antifa, Bakunin and “The Little Red Book”

Lin Biao who, for three years enjoyed the fruits as Mao Zedong’s handpicked successor to govern Red China, prefaced the iconic mandatory communist literature known as The Little Red Book by commanding students to “Study Chairman Mao’s writings, follow his teachings and act according to his instructions.” (Timothy Cheek, Mao Zedong and China’s Revolutions, 2002). Officially titled Quotations from Chairman…

The Left-Wing Normalization of the Great American Crisis

Americans well-versed in historical axioms recall one of its most iconic founding fathers, John Adams, phrasing to his beloved wife, Abigail, while boarded in Philadelphia on 7 July 1775 that “Liberty once lost is lost forever.” Yet few so educated either appreciate or understand from what perspective Adams had projected and in how liberty was lost, given they each…

FILM: “The Soviet Story” (2008), written and directed by Edvīns Šnore

“Only by understanding the genocides of the past, can we hope to prevent others from occurring in our lifetime.” – The Soviet Story The Soviet Story (2008), written and directed by Edvīns Šnore and released in 2008, is the unsanitized story of Communism from the rise of Vladimir Lenin and Bolshevist Russia to Joseph Stalin’s genocidal…