Liberal Democracy is Dead in America. But What Will Replace It?

To save America will require a ‘new’ approach to American governance that on one hand, defends the Constitution through a ‘revised’ conservatism rejecting what Mr. Buckley called the “old gods such as Locke and Jefferson… and how politicians such as Barry Goldwater and Paul Ryan fade,” while rediscovering “thinkers like John Dickinson, Robert Taft, even Margaret Chase Smith” through political subsidiarity similar to Poland and Hungary if the American people’s constitutional rights are to be saved from encroaching socialism and the destructive forces of laissez-faire capitalism. Therefore, any new ‘illiberal’ approach to governance (if one chooses to call it that) must protect the rights of every American by combating the legal imposition of political correctness by the state and private sectors through the media and Internet providers.

We Need to Talk About Joseph McCarthy’s Legacy in the Age of ‘Woke’ and Fake News.

For the globalist agenda in the wake of the Cold War, the ‘truth’ doesn’t matter. Whether ‘climate change’ is a lie or the West has run its course is not a matter of ‘truth’: we are told that ‘truth’, like beauty, lies in the eyes of the beholder. Moreover, our frenetic culture disposes us to be skeptical of almost everything. We now relate better to literary characters who’ve suffered through life, who possess good and bad sides and are amoral than characters seen as overly righteous. The definition of the ‘antihero’ differs from the ‘tragic hero’, who evokes “a sense of pity and fear in the audience… a man of misfortune that comes to him through error(s) of judgment.” For all his faults, McCarthy was a war hero who joined the U.S. Marine Corp in 1942 to serve his country in World War II; and in terms of motive, he was guilty of a ‘crime of passion’: his love of country drove him to unscrupulous means to bring down the enemy within. Now, with respect to the Chinese Communist Party’s infiltration of American institutions throughout our government, higher education, ‘fake news’ and ‘woke capitalism’, the case is strong enough to consider rehabilitating Sen. McCarthy as ‘a tragic hero’: to love his motives, but reject his means.

Open Borders, Ethnic Cleansing Pave the Democrats’ Road to a Pan-Am Socialist Empire

Friday’s Rasmussen Poll revealed something else about the Democrats’ current ideological shift: voter now see most of the Democratic presidential candidates as more liberal than they are, and rate their agenda as outside the mainstream. Just 25% of Likely U.S. voters consider most of the announced candidates for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination to be about the same as they are in political terms. Fifty-four percent (54%) say most of these candidates are more liberal than they are, while only 13% say they are more conservative. They perhaps understand that, as the heartbeat of America, they would fall prey to the whip’s hand of free-loading non-citizens arriving in the U.S. at the invitation of the Democrats’, who are openly orchestrating region-wide ethnic cleansing. Their policies indeed marginalize American taxpayers to a status of second-class citizens in their own country, governed by wealthy politicians and bureaucrats who would rule by decree under a new apartheid system similar to South Africa before 1990.

‘Commodity Activism’ is “That ‘Thing’ You Do”

If you’ve ever purchased a bracelet for one of these causes to direct attention to a day or month celebrating each cause’s agenda, you know exactly what I’m talking about. That’s because you’ve bought into the whole hot mess like the typical consumer embracing a fad. There’s little to distinguish the natural tendency to ‘collectivize’ through tribalism, like a pack of wild hyenas justifying wearing such bracelets signaling our virtuous nature; we do, after all, feel the need ‘to belong’ based on our natural inclination for association in our communities. After all, how else might the human race go forth and be fruitful? This is commodity activism for you.

The New Emperor of Zhongnanhai

As history progresses, China’s rapid ascent into a global superpower will force the world to watch with bated breath developments as they emerge from Zhongnanhai. Formally handed his second term as China’s president at the close of last year’s Chinese Communist Party Congress, questions and concerns over whether the 64-year old Xi plans to rule beyond 2022 continue to mount when consider that more than 40 years of Mao’s successors blocked the path for an all-powerful demagogue to rise in the wake of the ‘Great Helmsman’s’ bloody revolution and purges.

#MeToo Leftists Have Voted for Generations to Complete America’s Transformation Into a #ShitHole

People naturally love liars and passionately hate the insensitive rubes who tell the truth because the truth would set them free (John 8:31-34), and living the pleasurable lie is worth eternal enslavement to experience the euphoria of instant gratification. The liar, like the alchemists of old, is an evil genius dishing out ‘fool’s gold’ to compensate for his clientele’s inequities in exchange for participating in ‘the big lie’. And politicians who immediately pledge to ‘never lie’ (Jimmy Carter, anyone?) are the most beloved of all liars because, like any artful salesman, their lone goal is to sell lemons to prospective customers by mortgaging their reputation — the consequences be damned.

Whether they are crooked used car salesmen or politicians, or lifelong businessmen like Donald Trump with his pyramid scheme operation through Trump University, they all learned to play the consumer culture like hearts from Hell, to mimic the Devil’s impeccable mastery of intrigues. The most egregious politicians promise a free lunch, yet never disclose just where that mystery meat was purchased nor who actually paid for it. Therefore, it is only natural that most people love liars to the point of idolatry—  purchasing their posters, watching their films, reading ‘self-help’ books or accepting Oprah’s truth as the new Gospel — because people unerringly elect the wolf in sheep’s clothing while spurning the hated but reliable Shepherd tending his flock. Gullibility, marinated in the stew of greed, jealousy and dissolution, drive these blithe little sheep blinded by indignation to consume what the wolf in sheep’s clothing rationed until one day the wolf, himself facing starvation as the supply in storage dwindled, devours the last of the flock after revealing he not only had never been part of the flock, but had fed them the mutton of a neighbor whose fleece, white as snow, he now wears.

Millennials — America’s Largest Generation — Were Raised by Baby Boomers to be Useful Idiots

The traditional role of families, the sense of community through schools and churches, of comradery and, in general, the desire for liberty are not merely discouraged, but often outlawed, enforced by the wrath of myriad federal bureaucracies openly persecuting and incarcerating political foes and social outcasts. With Millennials’ increasing power establishing an idiocracy governed from a “safe zone,” it will be difficult to fix America’s rapidly-expanding ignorance given today’s collegians become paralyzed whenever their “microaggressions” are triggered.

Without Barack Obama, There Would Be No President Trump

The night of November 4, 2008 will eternally stand the test of time as the one pledge kept by then President-Elect Barack Obama: Change. As America’s first black president’s open animus towards white people drove his agenda, he also was first to implement policies grounded intellectually in a “who’s who” among the feckless 1960’s Frankfurt School’s ideological strata. Through…