America Has Become Apartheid South Africa.

“Revolutions which are not controlled and held within reasonable limits,” Union General Nathaniel P. Banks warned in 1864, “produce counter-revolution.” But to date, the response to the rioting seems to contradict the record. For one, the Republican Party and the majority of powerful ‘good guys’ are conspicuously silent. What we are seeing, according to Jewish conservative Wayne Allyn Root, is consistent with 1930’s Germany, and bear striking similarities to Kristallnacht (‘Night of the Broken Glass’), where windows were shattered, stores looted and burned; people in blackshirts roaming the streets demanding people kneel at their feet; censorship, book burning, snitching by neighbors and co-workers; egregious media propaganda and manipulation of current events; and the police and ‘good people’ doing nothing to help. Like the plight of German Jews under the Third Reich, “white America” is regularly told that because we are genetically linked to past slaveholders who were mostly white, we are equally guilty of slavery and Jim Crow as our ancestors ― or for that matter, the alleged systemic police brutality since all cops, at their core, are ‘white’. Currently as I write this, many large urban areas are dismantling their police departments. 

Cupid is a Casuist Whose Lurking Thought is Socialist.

Sensing opportunity to exploit human misery, clever people with insidious designs emerge to mold ‘the new man’ in the name of blind, selfish ‘love’ ― a love self-serving, often secular; or, in the case of an aspiring theocrat, the politicization and revision of religious doctrine beyond recognition — all characterizations of ‘the casuist’, shooting arrows like Cupid come Valentine’s Day.

The World Since the Fall of Rome and Constantinople, Part Two: Catherine De’ Medici and French Babylon’s Wars of Religion, 1309–1793

(Due to the article’s length of 5,437 words, readers are advised to read in sections.)

The catalyst for the ‘Babylonian Captivity of the Papacy’ emerged with Philip’s attempt to expand his purge of the Knight’s Templar into the whole Church institution within France in order to consolidate more power politically. This ultimately led to a violent conflict with Pope Boniface VIII, resulting in the transferal of the papal court from Rome to the enclave of Avignon. As a result, Philip IV’s rule signaled the decline of papal power from its historic totalitarian authority over France, and by 1328 with the death of his final son (Charles IV), the Capetian Dynasty arrived at an end. At this point, the rise of the House of Valois — and the line of Henry II and Catherine De’ Medici from 1547 to the assassination of their youngest son, Henry III, in 1589 — marked the beginning of the end of the Ancien Régime 200 years later with the French Revolution.

Laïcité: The Millstone Epitaph That Marked Babylon France Will Sink the European Union

The French Revolution, unlike its American predecessor, was an unmitigated failure that resulted in the indefinite posterity of blood, sweat and tears. It concluded ignominiously with the rise of the most autocratic ruler Europe had seen since the Roman Empire. As Lord Acton noted, no nation had ever “been less provoked by oppression than America.” Because the British Empire had granted the colonies near-total autonomy (even proposing an alliance through the Albany Plan of Union to counter the rising French threat from Canada prior to the Proclamation of 1763), America, on the defensive after peace talks with the Crown regarding taxation without representation crumbled before the initiation of hostilities by the Redcoats at Lexington and Concord, had earned “the right of the nation to judge for itself.”

Because “Freedom succumbs to dizziness,” wrote S∅ren Kierkegaard, than beyond the matter of some spiritual limit, “psychology cannot and will not go.” It is folly to suggest that Kierkegaard was too simplistic to accredit ignorance in the positive, as without ‘ignorance’, one would have no basis for acquiring knowledge for things he has no understanding of through experience. Henceforth, the lessons of history’s first recorded attempt at a(n) utopian nationalist movement beginning with France in 1789, due to the drunken excesses of the violent mobs acting in the spirit of Jezebel, may have meant that the young republic possessed the admirable qualities of passion, motivation, desire, the determination and general will to revolt against a distant and corrupt monarchy, but it was wholly unqualified to govern for one very important reason: the mobs of men have no qualification to govern as might a dynastic king raised to rule nations through a lifetime of grooming since the early Middle Ages. Louis XVI, as with his great-grandfather Louis XIV and grandfather Louis XV before him, were born to rule; it was, after all, as much a part of their pedigree, a millstone if you will, to rule by divine right as it was for the bourgeois partisans Robespierre, Danton, Murat and most certainly Napoleon to remain subjugated within the Third Estate.

The Civil Rights Movement is Now An Abject Failure. Will Slavery Reparations or #Blaxit Come Next?

On January 20, 2017, Donald Trump’s patented orange skin, comb over and small hands replaced Hitler’s mustache. And if you believe in CNN, then of course it must be true. But what is true is the current president’s utter dismemberment of the Obama legacy of governance without legislative oversight. Once, some three years ago, Obama’s second press secretary Josh Earnest alluded to the fact Obama considered unilaterally increasing taxation through unconstitutional executive fiat. Combine these rumors with his degree to construct Housing and Urban Development projects in high-end and middle class neighborhoods, and the writing is not only on the wall, but some day when the Democrats control the White House and Congress, the final brick will have been laid for Apartheid. The lone questions, then, are how our government reconciles slavery reparations with growing demands for a black exodus to their ancestral lands in Africa (perhaps it shall be called #Blaxit), given the other demographics, most prominently the Asian community, are finding action, not good intentions, is the only option now.

What a Catch-22. Jim Crow is now the star of a minstrel show as the devil in a blue dress.