We Must Confront Social Media’s Breakdown of Society. But How?

How does social media afflict society, both holistically as well as culturally, in public education as well as national politics? Well, in the last 15 years beginning with MySpace, social media has become an indispensable tool in our lives that we rarely pay attention to how much time we’re spending on sites Twitter ― well, unless you are Donald Trump, who no one can miss his tweeting stupid things. How ironic then that an oxymoron promoting social distancing under the hashtag #togetherapart illustrates how a generation ago, technology replaced interpersonal relationships with online dating and pornography, local communities and comradery with chat rooms and social media, and ultimately ones American identity through the World Wide Web.

The Future of Liberty In Post-Coronavirus America

In light of all this, we must understand, according to John Adams that “Liberty must at all hazards be supported.” It’s worth noting that what the Democrats advocate is virtual ‘house arrest’, or martial law ― transforming America into some manner of garrison state indefinitely on lockdown. Some demand President Trump to assume virtual dictatorial powers that only have precedence under a fore-mentioned Adams (Alien and Sedition Acts) and Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War. While the Trump administration intends to ‘roll out’ the economy in stages by early May, perhaps the greatest lesson in all this is none other than Attorney General Bill Barr’s call to relax what he termed ‘draconian’ social distancing restrictions in about three weeks. While acknowledging there are “Generally speaking… occasions where liberties have to be restricted during certain emergencies such as war [and] [i]n this case, a potentially devastating pandemic,” government has a duty “to be balanced; whatever steps you take have to be balanced against the civil liberties of the American people and it cannot be used as an excuse for broad deprivations of liberty.” Given the grave infringements by certain state disproportionate to the federal government, here, federalism must prevail; for “The only maxim of a free government,” according to Adams, “ought to be to trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty” — including skepticism for the globalist class who on one hand, seek to help mankind endure the humanitarian crises they intentionally create.

We Need to Talk About Joseph McCarthy’s Legacy in the Age of ‘Woke’ and Fake News.

For the globalist agenda in the wake of the Cold War, the ‘truth’ doesn’t matter. Whether ‘climate change’ is a lie or the West has run its course is not a matter of ‘truth’: we are told that ‘truth’, like beauty, lies in the eyes of the beholder. Moreover, our frenetic culture disposes us to be skeptical of almost everything. We now relate better to literary characters who’ve suffered through life, who possess good and bad sides and are amoral than characters seen as overly righteous. The definition of the ‘antihero’ differs from the ‘tragic hero’, who evokes “a sense of pity and fear in the audience… a man of misfortune that comes to him through error(s) of judgment.” For all his faults, McCarthy was a war hero who joined the U.S. Marine Corp in 1942 to serve his country in World War II; and in terms of motive, he was guilty of a ‘crime of passion’: his love of country drove him to unscrupulous means to bring down the enemy within. Now, with respect to the Chinese Communist Party’s infiltration of American institutions throughout our government, higher education, ‘fake news’ and ‘woke capitalism’, the case is strong enough to consider rehabilitating Sen. McCarthy as ‘a tragic hero’: to love his motives, but reject his means.

Postmodernism and The Open Borders Debate

One key platform within the Postmodern narrative is designed to deconstruct Western institutions along racial lines. The Arab Spring (2011-13) exploited the ancient Christian-Muslim rivalry in the Europe and Canada through mass immigration. This is designed to overload the welfare system, and to use the narrative revised to ‘right a wrong’ more than a century following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. In the United States, decades of communist revolutions which transformed Latin America into a battlefront in the Cold War are being exploited through caravans and the Democratic Party’s complicity in ethnic cleansing within the Middle East and south of our border.  

The idea by the Globalist Left to promote foreign nationalism is to underpin an internal dialogue vexing anyone daring to oppose the ruling establishment. Ironically, the Democrats’ ideal anti-Western society would reflect its favorite region of Europe, Scandinavia, closely connected to the Laws of Jante, of which ten laws immediately apply.

Did “Christianity Today” Forget the Parable of the Good Samaritan and Cyrus the Great?

I recall how Edmund Burke objectively observed that “Politics and the pulpit are terms that have little agreement” in his 1790 Reflections on the Revolution in France. In the face of unprecedented crisis for the church in America and around the world, and given President Trump’s deep commitment to addressing these issues through executive orders and foreign policy before the United Nations, it is obvious that here, Mr. Galli is an utter gay illiterate with respect to the Constitution of the United States, fitting the true mold of Democratic politicians like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton who slandered the slain Christian victims of Sri Lanka’s Easter morning terrorist attack as ‘Easter worshipers’ rather than acknowledge they were Christians. Here, his sin emerges through his selective moral indignation, a form of moral relativism veiled, according to Burke, “under the guise of a mistaken and overzealous piety.”

Transitioning From ‘The Great Society’ to ‘America First’ — and How It Could Be Done

How might America learn from Quebec how to both reconcile the cultural and political narrative, while still maintaining our constitutional prerogative? For one, Mrs. Thatcher also warned in her book Statecraft: Strategies for a Changing World (2002) to “Never believe that technology alone will allow America to prevail as a superpower” — and this point rings particularly true with respect to our rivalry with China. Another suggestion, more along Sen. Rubio’s lines, could be to paraphrase Rev. Robert Sirico’s quotation of Mother Teresa of Calcutta: “We should not judge the rich. We do not advocate class struggle. We advocate class encounter: where the rich save the poor, and the poor save the rich.” It’s also important to recall that, as Chairman Mao promulgated in 1942 at the height of the Sino-Japanese War, “There is in fact no such thing as art for art’s sake, art that stands above classes, art that is detached from or independent of politics… they are, as Lenin said, cogs and wheels in the whole revolutionary machine.” Given the curious declaration by Kasich that the U.S. should tout liberal political values but insists on describing them as ‘Judeo-Christian’ or as expressions of ‘our Jewish and Christian tradition,’ he appeared prepared to do a little social engineering himself. At the time, I believed this to be in defiance of the great conservative principle of methodical, organic societal evolution. After all, my thoughts were that the biggest losers would be both religious liberty and freedom of the press. Now, I’m convinced that our inaction for nearly 30 years is the primary reason why we are seeing our culture slip away before the altar of political correctness like so many countries throughout the West.

The Intermarium Gambit: Eastern Europe’s Path To Divide and Checkmate the Crumbling Eurasian Heartland

“For the Intermarium to successfully form, Poland — which borders both Germany and Russia — must lead the Visegrad Group and Three Seas Initiative to undermine and isolate both the dying German-dominated European Union and the renewed ambitions of the economically-ailing Russian bear to its east. While the resurrection of a modern Kalmar Union in Scandinavia following the EU’s collapse is less likely due to the small populations collectively in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, its potential partnership with Poland ― with backing from the U.S. ― stands not only to be the coronation of a major geopolitical actor whose design is to drive a hostile wedge up the gut through the continent’s heartland, but as the principal intercessor between the imperial ambitions of Russian Eurasianism and a United States of Europe. Here, the idea is a gambit to greatly decrease the probability of another catastrophic continental war on one hand; and on the other, secure Western Civilization in the wake of the open hijra by migrants who, according to ISIS, will someday by design destabilize and Islamify Europe.”

Trump Under Fire Over Syria Evacuation: The Complexities of Funding Proxy Fighters Tied to the Terrorist Kurdish Workers Party

One thing is certain regarding President Trump’s decision to remove America’s troops from Syria: whatever offensive Turkey plans against forces tied to the communist Kurdish Workers Party terrorist organization PKK in northern Syria, it will reflect somehow on Trump’s legacy with respect to foreign policy if the operation results in a broader regional conflict. Out of 1,000 military advisers located in the region, only 50 were located at the border. Given Turkey will likely deploy thousands of troops into the area, it is unlikely that 1,000 advisers, let alone 50 of our servicemen located at the border, could stop a sudden attack by Turkey deeper into Syria. For those not aware, the PKK has been classified a ‘Foreign Terrorist Organization’ by the State Department since October 8, 1997. In a larger sense, our foreign policy in Syria has been to illegally fund terrorists tied to Al-Qaeda to fight both the Assad regime in Syria. It was this policy which ultimately led to the creation of what is today the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. To defeat them, we funded a communist terror organization.

Democrats’ Response to Trump’s Attacks on Rep. Cummings Prove that Socialists Hate When Ordinary People Choose

So is it the president guilty of racism for accusing Congressman Cummings of using the Oversight Committee to bully border officials? That the president’s use of the term ‘infestation’ was a direct reference to people of color, as if Baltimore’s ‘other 47 percent’ do not matter? Or did he successfully call out the Left for protecting their loyal constituents at any price? In which the Democrats, the party representing the residents of Baltimore, who demand improved conditions for access to employment, housing and city-wide sanitation to prevent the spread of disease, just openly pandered to the black vote by condemning anyone daring to leave ‘the Democrat plantation’ should they, like Kimberly Klacik, fall away from their Marxist narrative?

Returning to Gold and a Debt Brake Ceiling Would Lead to Balanced Budgets Through A Stable Dollar Without Austerity

As Austrian economics scholar Dr. Joseph Peden noted about the decline of the Roman Empire and the devaluation of its currency in a 1984 lecture, “Monetary, fiscal, military, political, and economic issues are all very much intertwined. And they are all so intertwined because any state normally seeks to monopolize the supply of money within its own territory.” Consequently, “Monetary policy therefore always serves, even if it serves badly, the perceived needs of the rulers of the state. If it also happens to enhance the prosperity and progress of the masses of the people, that is a secondary benefit; but its first aim is to serve the needs of the rulers, not the ruled.” These emperors were willing to act to protect their own ruling-class interests by enacting the necessary monetary reforms to win the support of the troops and the bureaucrats who comprised the only real constituency of the Roman state. It brought about a stable monetary standard for the ruling group, who did not hesitate to secure it at the expense of the mass of the population. So while the Roman state survived, the liberty of the Roman people did not. The peasantry had become totally alienated from the Roman state because they were no longer free, nor were the business community and the urban middle class. As the early 5th century Christian priest Salvian of Marseilles wrote, the Roman state collapsed in the West because it deserved collapse: because it had denied the first premise of good government, which is justice to the people.

If America is not yet awakened to this reality, it never will.

As the Media Reaches Fahrenheit 451, So Too Has the Truth.

In America and Europe, the practice of ‘book burning’ is being repeated, one written about extensively by science fiction author Ray Bradbury in Fahrenheit 451 (1953). It happened during the Middle Ages, and it returned throughout most of the 20th Century. Public schools and universities have adopted ‘revisionist’ curricula and censor what the authorities consider ‘offensive’ about America’s past, including the Founding Fathers and our own Constitution. But today, it is not a theocracy or global dictatorship responsible. Rather, it is the corporatist media to which the Democrats have co-opted to fulfill the tasks that they legally cannot. What you are seeing today is led by extremely wealthy, powerful men and women in the media, the popular culture, even in the realm of financing and Wall Street — many of whom you can see; others you have not, nor will you ever.