The New Racial Realism in 21st Century America

Above was the exegesis of the new ‘racial realism’ for 2020 America. I was ‘red pilled’ on the matter after listening to three young black men discuss driving to New York City to protest the death of Eric Garner while in line at the local Walmart. The experience significantly altered my views on race and race relations in America: not to blind hatred on my part, but to the new consensus of the age. It doesn’t take a cursory observation to see that the Black Lives Matter imperative to form an ethno-state at the expense of white Europeans throughout the West and America is as obvious to the eye as was the Ku Klux Klan of yesteryear. […]

All these factors have accentuated my evolving feelings from life as a young school boy in which every February, we spent each Black History Month learning about the struggles and triumphs of major figures within the black community such as Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Booker T. Washington, Jackie Robinson, and Martin Luther King, Jr ― men and women whose struggles were greatly compounded by a society that either underestimated their talents or outright hated them over the color of their skin. But that month served also as an annual ‘mud run’ through boundless efforts to indoctrinate ‘white guilt’ into children who were not alive to witness slavery or Jim Crow, and it was achieved with breathtaking success given what we are seeing by way of ‘consumer activism’. Therefore, the present crisis before us requires that conservatives cast aside what Abraham Lincoln termed “The dogmas of the quiet past (that) are inadequate to the stormy present,” for as “our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew,” and we therefore must “disenthrall ourselves and then we shall save our country.”

During the 1960’s, White Supremacy Ended. The Left Replaced It With Militant Feminism, Black Nationalism, and Gay Pride.

(Readers are advised that this article is lengthy and should consider reading in sections if time is an issue.)

Of course, all lives matter, most logical, sane people would agree. Yet to replace “Black” with “All” in the organization’s name is to be met with hostile threats and insults by the black nationalist cell often tied to Islamic terrorism. Black Lives Matter, a death cult inspired by the old Black Panther Party and peddled by the likes of Colin Kaepernick, has far more in common ideologically with the Nazis and Ku Klux Klan than Marx and Engels. It is, according to Joseph Stalin, “Nationalist in form; socialist in context.” This might provide insight as to why for President Obama, Trayvon Martin could be like a son, but not Kate Steinle as a daughter.

The Democrats’ Transition Into Communism

America. A country no longer big enough for two parties, with two diametrically opposite ideologies, to coexist. As Abraham Lincoln put it regarding slavery in 1858, so too will I here: this country will either go all one way (Republican) or the other (Democrat). They cannot agree to even disagree anymore. “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” explained then-Illinois senatorial candidate Lincoln, because he understood that “this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free.” Today, this new form of slavery arrives in the form faced by Russian people in 1917: the Provisional Government and the pro-monarchist ‘White Army’, which immediately replaced the deposed Tsar Nicholas II in February that in spite of its promise, was too divided to last; or the Bolsheviks which, that November, ended all pretenses of democracy to form the world’s first communist state, the future Soviet Union.

In 2019, this correlates to the paper tiger known as the Republican Party versus an increasingly Marxist militant Democratic Party: a party with divided loyalties and politicians willing to render harm upon their foes by way of terrorism, all while demanding that we surrender our rights to free speech and to bear arms through its militant wing, Antifa (an actual communist terrorist organization).

As the Media Reaches Fahrenheit 451, So Too Has the Truth.

In America and Europe, the practice of ‘book burning’ is being repeated, one written about extensively by science fiction author Ray Bradbury in Fahrenheit 451 (1953). It happened during the Middle Ages, and it returned throughout most of the 20th Century. Public schools and universities have adopted ‘revisionist’ curricula and censor what the authorities consider ‘offensive’ about America’s past, including the Founding Fathers and our own Constitution. But today, it is not a theocracy or global dictatorship responsible. Rather, it is the corporatist media to which the Democrats have co-opted to fulfill the tasks that they legally cannot. What you are seeing today is led by extremely wealthy, powerful men and women in the media, the popular culture, even in the realm of financing and Wall Street — many of whom you can see; others you have not, nor will you ever.

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Trump’s Fluidity on the Bill of Rights

The president has embarrassed America on the international stage while humiliating conservatives into supporting him under the illusion that he might actually prove to be a ‘less bad’ president than Hillary Clinton. But now, he is far more extreme through his statist designs than Barack Obama or the Clintons ever were, behaving as if he truly is an American fascist who politically blackmails Republican voters. If Trump remains the best alternative, win or lose, the GOP can provide, its electorate has been unwittingly complicit in forfeiting their moral right to complain when they are eventually forced to surrender their coveted Second Amendment — and from there, the republic to the Trojan horse.

The Monastery of the Mind and ‘The New Patriotism’

Conservative scholar Victor Davis Hanson introduced the metaphor of ‘the monastery of the mind’ in his column for National Review — a self-imposed exile by the average American from the brutality of postmodern politics ‘into mental mountaintops’. Here is where ‘dreams of the past and fantasies of the future’ can alone be conceived and imagined, unscathed…

The Civil Rights Movement is Now An Abject Failure. Will Slavery Reparations or #Blaxit Come Next?

On January 20, 2017, Donald Trump’s patented orange skin, comb over and small hands replaced Hitler’s mustache. And if you believe in CNN, then of course it must be true. But what is true is the current president’s utter dismemberment of the Obama legacy of governance without legislative oversight. Once, some three years ago, Obama’s second press secretary Josh Earnest alluded to the fact Obama considered unilaterally increasing taxation through unconstitutional executive fiat. Combine these rumors with his degree to construct Housing and Urban Development projects in high-end and middle class neighborhoods, and the writing is not only on the wall, but some day when the Democrats control the White House and Congress, the final brick will have been laid for Apartheid. The lone questions, then, are how our government reconciles slavery reparations with growing demands for a black exodus to their ancestral lands in Africa (perhaps it shall be called #Blaxit), given the other demographics, most prominently the Asian community, are finding action, not good intentions, is the only option now.

What a Catch-22. Jim Crow is now the star of a minstrel show as the devil in a blue dress.

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The Democratic Party: America’s Communist Fifth Column

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Killing the Terrorist Antifa, One Riot and Militia At a Time

Conservative Review columnist Chris Pandolfo rhetorically inquired of his readers, “Are all of Trump supporters violent white supremacists?” Well, of course not, and Pandolfo immediately addresses this. And he is not only correct here, but the Left has long equated every conservative and libertarian as swashbuckling vanguards brandishing swastikas. With the Left dominating the media and Fox News…