Will Darwin Be Canceled From Our ‘Woke’ Culture?

Yet what’s so astonishing in the wake of this rising ‘moral perfectionism’ is how little the Left seem to understand that Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution provided the doctrine behind white supremacy, the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust; as well as a key component, alongside Nietszche and Ivan Pavlov’s study of classical conditioning for dogs, for Stalin’s rule by terror and conquest in the Soviet Union.

The Democrats’ Transition Into Communism

America. A country no longer big enough for two parties, with two diametrically opposite ideologies, to coexist. As Abraham Lincoln put it regarding slavery in 1858, so too will I here: this country will either go all one way (Republican) or the other (Democrat). They cannot agree to even disagree anymore. “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” explained then-Illinois senatorial candidate Lincoln, because he understood that “this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free.” Today, this new form of slavery arrives in the form faced by Russian people in 1917: the Provisional Government and the pro-monarchist ‘White Army’, which immediately replaced the deposed Tsar Nicholas II in February that in spite of its promise, was too divided to last; or the Bolsheviks which, that November, ended all pretenses of democracy to form the world’s first communist state, the future Soviet Union.

In 2019, this correlates to the paper tiger known as the Republican Party versus an increasingly Marxist militant Democratic Party: a party with divided loyalties and politicians willing to render harm upon their foes by way of terrorism, all while demanding that we surrender our rights to free speech and to bear arms through its militant wing, Antifa (an actual communist terrorist organization).

A Full Point-by-Point Analysis of the Iran Nuclear Deal

The Iran Deal was almost certainly designed by Moscow and Tehran to extort the U.S. and NATO allies under threat of world war while empowering the member nations of BRICS (Russia, China, Brazil, India and South Africa) to facilitate both its expansion into Central Asia as well as Iran’s potential membership, which by proxy would include its chain of vassal states (Syria, Lebanon and Yemen).

The Civil Rights Movement is Now An Abject Failure. Will Slavery Reparations or #Blaxit Come Next?

On January 20, 2017, Donald Trump’s patented orange skin, comb over and small hands replaced Hitler’s mustache. And if you believe in CNN, then of course it must be true. But what is true is the current president’s utter dismemberment of the Obama legacy of governance without legislative oversight. Once, some three years ago, Obama’s second press secretary Josh Earnest alluded to the fact Obama considered unilaterally increasing taxation through unconstitutional executive fiat. Combine these rumors with his degree to construct Housing and Urban Development projects in high-end and middle class neighborhoods, and the writing is not only on the wall, but some day when the Democrats control the White House and Congress, the final brick will have been laid for Apartheid. The lone questions, then, are how our government reconciles slavery reparations with growing demands for a black exodus to their ancestral lands in Africa (perhaps it shall be called #Blaxit), given the other demographics, most prominently the Asian community, are finding action, not good intentions, is the only option now.

What a Catch-22. Jim Crow is now the star of a minstrel show as the devil in a blue dress.

#MeToo Leftists Have Voted for Generations to Complete America’s Transformation Into a #ShitHole

People naturally love liars and passionately hate the insensitive rubes who tell the truth because the truth would set them free (John 8:31-34), and living the pleasurable lie is worth eternal enslavement to experience the euphoria of instant gratification. The liar, like the alchemists of old, is an evil genius dishing out ‘fool’s gold’ to compensate for his clientele’s inequities in exchange for participating in ‘the big lie’. And politicians who immediately pledge to ‘never lie’ (Jimmy Carter, anyone?) are the most beloved of all liars because, like any artful salesman, their lone goal is to sell lemons to prospective customers by mortgaging their reputation — the consequences be damned.

Whether they are crooked used car salesmen or politicians, or lifelong businessmen like Donald Trump with his pyramid scheme operation through Trump University, they all learned to play the consumer culture like hearts from Hell, to mimic the Devil’s impeccable mastery of intrigues. The most egregious politicians promise a free lunch, yet never disclose just where that mystery meat was purchased nor who actually paid for it. Therefore, it is only natural that most people love liars to the point of idolatry—  purchasing their posters, watching their films, reading ‘self-help’ books or accepting Oprah’s truth as the new Gospel — because people unerringly elect the wolf in sheep’s clothing while spurning the hated but reliable Shepherd tending his flock. Gullibility, marinated in the stew of greed, jealousy and dissolution, drive these blithe little sheep blinded by indignation to consume what the wolf in sheep’s clothing rationed until one day the wolf, himself facing starvation as the supply in storage dwindled, devours the last of the flock after revealing he not only had never been part of the flock, but had fed them the mutton of a neighbor whose fleece, white as snow, he now wears.

Net Neutrality Turns Free Speech into a Public Utility

People in their ignorance believe that Net Neutrality authorizes government to prevent privately-owned Internet service providers and search engines from forming technocratic cartels who then engage in censorship. Few however understand the more dangerous truth, that under Barack Obama, all control over the Internet was, through Net Neutrality, handed over to the global regulatory body…

Burying “Songbird” McCain

John Sidney McCain, who at 80 years old battles terminal brain cancer, remains an empty-suit political maverick whose failed 2008 presidential bid could be explained either by his ignorance or incompetence of/at grasping basic economic principles; his misfortune to run as the GOP’s sacrificial lamb against the rising star, Barack Obama, following the disastrous presidency…

Science: The Equal Opportunity Bigot

In 2013, amid great uncertainty, the British Parliament voted to redefine marriage within the United Kingdom. Former prime minister David Cameron announced that, despite no mentioning of such a radical shift in policy within the Conservative manifesto, only members of Parliament would, and could, decide the fate of marriage. In America though, First Amendment promoters of…

Woman and the New Race: Feminism, the Nazis and the Holocaust

In 1939, Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, covertly launched the Negro Project as a collaboration between the American Birth Control League and Sanger’s Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau. For Sanger, an unapologetic, devout eugenicist, this was no mere moral imperative, but rather a blood thirsty initiative to satisfy her insatiable hypersexuality by determining who should be permitted…

The Democrats’ Transition from Liberalism to Marxism: Building Socialism Under a “New Republic”

In reading Democrats and wealthy entertainers’ repeatedly praise Communist China’s health care initiatives for women or similarly support “banana republic” regimes like Venezuela on the brink of collapse, I often reflect on the late owner of the Cincinnati Reds Marge Schott’s similar fondness for Adolf Hitler’s infrastructural projects and polity during the Third Reich. Suffice…

The Time to Privatize America’s Repressive Public Universities is Now

On December 4, 2014, Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam (R) and embattled former University of Tennessee Chancellor Jimmy Cheek attended a White House higher education summit where other public university administrators were present, where the governor touted the Tennessee Promise program as if he were Herbert Hoover guaranteeing a house with a two car garage for one and all….