The Oprahization of America and Alt-Right Martyrdom: A Portrait of Dylann Roof as a Left-Wing Creation

On Sunday night, the annual Golden Globe Awards ceremony for 2018 convened to honor Hollywood's most outstanding performers, producers and directors. It did little however to disappoint Middle America's expectations as another cheap left-wing rip-off of the old Nuremberg rallies during the 1930's where Nazi party members and Adolf Hitler himself gathered to promote German eastward expansion ('lebensraum'), 'the master race' and anti-semitic propaganda such as in Leni Riefenstahl's film, Triumph of the Will (1935). The Golden Globes was little more than an echo chamber of wealthy leftists spewing anti-conservative, anti-christian, anti-semitic, anti-Trump, misandrist manhating blowhards a platform behind a nice podium to toot their own horns. But even though few wasted time to watch this misnamed propaganda bully pulpit, no one has escaped the media's euphoria over Oprah Winfrey's 'speech'. The Left, now climaxing amid the ecstasy they may have found their answer to Donald Trump, is willing to risk another 2016 campaign season while radicalizing more Alt-Right martyrs such as Dylann Roof, who murdered nine black members of a small Charleston, SC, church on June 17, 2015.


The Axis of Evil Wears the Emperor’s New Clothes

Late conservative foreign policy scholar Samuel P. Huntington accurately forecasted the post-Cold War world to be the most perilous in human history for the very reasons Margaret Thatcher observed regarding the West's general obsession with a 'peace dividend' in the name of political correctness, which rejects the idea that "the only real peace dividend is peace."  Thatcher's … Continue reading The Axis of Evil Wears the Emperor’s New Clothes

Donald Trump and the Rise of the Intermarium

As the European Union approaches its final days, as political resolve and soft power in Berlin, Paris and Brussels wane following Britain’s exit from the federal body, and as plans to form a European military center around a final pitiful drive towards a pan-continental empire accelerate out of opposition to President Trump, the ambitions of the Kremlin and, in particular Vladimir Putin, have not waned in spite of a massive economic collapse following sanctions over the illegal annexation of Crimea from neighboring Ukraine. With accelerating numbers of Muslim migrants from war-ravaged regions of the Middle East and North Africa in the wake of the Arab Spring arriving in Western Europe and Canada, the seeming ‘defeat’ of ISIS that appeared all too easy while the organization goes underground to attack soft targets internationally all appears to be a ruse. Europe and Canada are on the brink of total collapse, governed by politicians too concerned with winning elections by expanding the welfare state to hostile immigrants seeking their destruction, and to replace their white majorities within a matter of decades. Britain may yet survive, but only if BREXIT negotiations implode, resulting in ‘a hard exit’ from the EU. Otherwise, Britain too will go the way of the rest of Western Europe and Canada. Yet one last hope remains for Europe’s salvation. East of Germany and west of Russia lie portions of the continent that historically fall under the influence of the stronger of the two flanking the region. “The Intermarium,” writes foreign policy expert George Friedman, “is a concept – really, an eventuality… I predicted it would rise after Russia inevitably re-emerged as a major regional power. Which makes sense, considering it would comprise the former Soviet satellites of Eastern Europe: the Baltic states, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and possibly Bulgaria.” Primarily designed to contain any potential Russian shift westward, it is a policy the Trump administration has apparently embraced while the brass over the dying European Union, pledging as have Germany’s Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz to form a “United States of Europe” and a European Army, are no doubt apoplectic.

Christmas Day, 1989: The Fall of Ceaușescu and Communist Romania on Film and in Words

“Unlike the rest of Eastern Europe, if anything happened in Romania, it was going to be violent.” — Frederick Becker, Romania Desk Officer, 1988-1990 The year 1989 will be remembered for its remarkable popular uprisings throughout the world, most notably Tiananmen Square, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia. Yet on Christmas Day, the people of Romania received an unexpected gift. Nicolae Ceaușescu, the leader of Communist Romania since 1965, met his bloody end along with his wife and partner in crime, Elena, before a firing squad of soldiers armed with Kalashnikov AK-47's. After 50 years of continuous Nazi and Soviet occupation, the ancient land known as the homeland to Vlad Dracula, Transylvania, was finally free to democratize. Where the fall of East Germany and Czechoslovakia occurred quite peacefully, the downfall of Eastern Europe’s most brutal dictator in Romania did not.

Each Christmas, Ask Yourself Whether “Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men” is Still Possible

Never in human history was a more prophetically inaccurate and deadlier proclamation uttered than by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain when, upon landing in London following the Munich conference in 1938, he declared there to be "peace in our time". His adversary, Adolf Hitler, had already planned to annex the remainder of Czechoslovakia before Chamberlain's impossible dream. … Continue reading Each Christmas, Ask Yourself Whether “Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men” is Still Possible

From Washington and Brussels to the Three Seas, A New Iron Curtain Divides the West Over the Migrant Crisis and Jerusalem

After his first year in the White House, President Trump has ruffled more feathers in the international community than all other presidents combined during the postwar period. His audacity to demand that member states in NATO all pitch in their two percent of GDP recommended for proper upkeep has enraged most notably Angela Merkel, who … Continue reading From Washington and Brussels to the Three Seas, A New Iron Curtain Divides the West Over the Migrant Crisis and Jerusalem

Net Neutrality Turns Free Speech into a Public Utility

People in their ignorance believe that Net Neutrality authorizes government to prevent privately-owned Internet service providers and search engines from forming technocratic cartels who then engage in censorship. Few however understand the more dangerous truth, that under Barack Obama, all control over the Internet was, through Net Neutrality, handed over to the global regulatory body … Continue reading Net Neutrality Turns Free Speech into a Public Utility