Cupid is a Casuist Whose Lurking Thought is Socialist.

Sensing opportunity to exploit human misery, clever people with insidious designs emerge to mold ‘the new man’ in the name of blind, selfish ‘love’ ― a love self-serving, often secular; or, in the case of an aspiring theocrat, the politicization and revision of religious doctrine beyond recognition — all characterizations of ‘the casuist’, shooting arrows like Cupid come Valentine’s Day.

Cultural Appropriation is the Great Segregator of Our Time

Not surprising, cultural appropriation’s critics cite grievances that acculturation, assimilation, or equal cultural exchange are forms of colonialism. Today in America, this manifests from immigration and a collective minority enclave throughout the social sciences (sociology, cultural anthropology, gender studies, women’s studies, etc.) intent on “running a majority of an organization through a well-organized minority” — a point comparable to Ronald Reagan’s testimony in 1947 before Congress on Soviet infiltration of Hollywood studios and the Screen Actors Guild.

During the 1960’s, White Supremacy Ended. The Left Replaced It With Militant Feminism, Black Nationalism, and Gay Pride.

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Of course, all lives matter, most logical, sane people would agree. Yet to replace “Black” with “All” in the organization’s name is to be met with hostile threats and insults by the black nationalist cell often tied to Islamic terrorism. Black Lives Matter, a death cult inspired by the old Black Panther Party and peddled by the likes of Colin Kaepernick, has far more in common ideologically with the Nazis and Ku Klux Klan than Marx and Engels. It is, according to Joseph Stalin, “Nationalist in form; socialist in context.” This might provide insight as to why for President Obama, Trayvon Martin could be like a son, but not Kate Steinle as a daughter.

The Russo-Turkish Rivalry: Prelude to a Third World War?

The Russo-Turkish rivalry is not new, nor is Syria’s ties to both Russia and Turkey and before that, the progenitor of both nations, the Roman Empire (both in Rome itself and later, Constantinople). It emerged in 1676 over Moscow’s thirst to establish a warm-water port on the Black Sea, in Crimea, as well as the region comprising of modern Ukraine west of the Dnieper River, and would follow with conflicts in 1688 and 1689. Though these early conflicts ended in defeat for the Russians, by the war of 1695–96, Tsar Peter the Great’s forces successfully captured the fortress of Azov. It was here the Russian Empire’s design for territorial expansion to provide additional buffer zones and sea lanes into the Mediterranean by way of the Bosporus Strait (dividing Constantinople and Europe from Anatolia) began and, by 1878, ended with the Ottoman Empire on the brink of total imperial collapse. The rivalry, even after the two empires’ collapsed following World War I, remains alive and well, and on the brink of war over the civil war in Syria, and a potential confrontation with NATO.

Twenty-Five Points Every Conservative Should Understand

The scales of justice as they originate from the minds of men are all subjective in truth through their nuanced biases. The word of God is the lone impartial source for all that is, for life being imperfect, it therefore is wise to understand that custom reconciles us to all things, and God is the Creator. If that custom is based on the foundation described by Christ while standing on the rock during the Sermon on the Mount, it is the lone natural safety net one ever needs: through Christ alone can man do all things. But the true scales of justice lie in weight with the Lord who, through Jesus Christ, will vengeance be had against the lawless. Every secular humanist is an imperialist sharing a vile eurocentric vision for an international postmodern order, and yet cannot deviate entirely from his Judeo-Christian cultural imprinting. Thus a prosperous nation must also be a righteous nation, one balancing moral righteousness with the acquisition of legitimate wealth and prosperity. I thus offer Twenty-Five Points, primarily a synthesis of biblical and classically liberal themes in context, as constructive suggestions for securing America’s conservation of its cultural, racial, and ethnic identity on the basis of quality, not avarice.

Game Over: The World is Finished. Democracy Cannot Help Us Now.

In echoing Christ’s Sermon on the Mount during a June 16, 1858 address in Springfield, Illinois, Abraham Lincoln declared that the United States of America, as a house divided, cannot stand. In that heated Zeitgeist of antebellum America, the 49-year old future president did not believe America could endure as ‘permanently half slave and half…

Why Stalin Crushed Hitler in the Great Patriotic War

On September 1, 1939, Adolf Hitler ordered the invasion of Poland in an egregious breach of the Munich Agreement from one year earlier. At the time, Western Europe’s two great imperial powers (Britain and France) still maintained hope that an answer from Berlin as to the motive behind the invasion might aid in deescalating tensions…

“Vive le Québec libre en 2018!”: The Historic Repudiation of Trudeau and Globalism in a Traditionally Left-Wing Province

In its quest to preserve its culture at all costs, the underlying theme is that many among the Quebecois, beyond being a part of Canada, feel themselves like second-class citizens. Yet the province’s nigh autonomy as a sovereign nation in all but name continues to enjoy a disproportionate amount of representation in Ottawa within the cabinet of Justin Trudeau, himself a citizen from Quebec. Thus as French Canadians grow increasingly disgruntled over the apparent ‘indifference’ of their culture and political validation, the rest of Canada offers a reflection contradictory in sentiment: it, as the English-speaking majority, often sees itself as hostages to a hostile province seeking to destroy the old order. Alas in Quebec, as the French Canadian author with Maclean’s Jacques Patriquin wistfully emotes, this sort of thing is ‘an old hat, given its French heritage as it existing as the outlier on the identity front in Canada’. While disparaging America as some boiling cauldron of racist sewage and blaming Donald Trump for the fall of the globalist agenda for a new world order that began in Europe with the rise of nationalist movements, he suggests “that Quebec’s take on matters of religion and immigration suddenly seem sensible, even desirable, in a world of border walls and Muslim bans.” But then who else would willingly endorse the genocide of an entire nationality and culture in the modern world if not the suicidal postmodern Left by way of dividing the population from within as well as a-far?

What is the Individual, and Why Should We Care?

Perhaps the key to explaining who I am or who you are is to define ‘What is the Individual?’ The online Business Dictionary will define him using the most generic, two word term as the first explanation: ‘A person’. That person is effectively a soulless cog in the machine of a cold, steely world, void of warmth and possessing untapped potential. This leads to the second explanation, that an individual is “A distinct, indivisible entity, often one among many others of a similar kind” — a majority of one who possess a vote, a distinct, unique intellect with certain talents with a more undetermined potential energy as a free agent and consumer in a much broader economic strata.

The Orthodox Church and Holy Russia Since the Bolshevik Revolution

Whether Kirill paints Orthodox Russia as a bastion of true faith besieged by the false values and secular immorality of an increasing godless, pagan West, his words are deeply appreciated by both the church and state as evidenced by the West’s embrace of homosexuality through transgenderism and same-sex marriage. Now well into the third millennium, it is ‘Holy Russia’ that again must confront an increasingly Godless, decadent West as it had with Napoleon. And now it is Putin, not Kirill, warning that “Many Euro-Atlantic countries have moved away from their roots, including Christian values. Policies are being pursued that place on the same level a multi-child family and a same-sex partnership, a faith in God and a belief in Satan.” Thus it is irrelevant to haggle over whether Putin and his oligarch inner-circle literally believe in the religious rhetoric since they act as if they do. What must be examined is whether the solidly Orthodox foundation undergirding this new Russian nationalism also ensures that powerful right-wing ideologues like Alexander Dugin will happily rally around Putin and his not-so-ex-KGB clique. In digressing, the survival and indeed, flourishing of Christianity against all odds in the USSR is acknowledged by most of the international community, including many Soviet citizens. But killing people in the name of equality is not the same as attempting to kill God; one cannot kill an idea or basic moral principles taught by Eastern Orthodox Christianity having dominated the Slavs for over 1,000 years. Whether or not Western Europe, as formerly dominated by the Catholic Church, continues to secularize under a left-wing liberal agenda weaponizing political correctness to perpetuate a climate of terror to usher in a Utopian world ‘equality’, one matter is certain: God outlasted the atheist Soviet Union and the occultist Nazi Germany.