The Monastery of the Mind and ‘The New Patriotism’

Conservative scholar Victor Davis Hanson introduced the metaphor of 'the monastery of the mind' in his column for National Review — a self-imposed exile by the average American from the brutality of postmodern politics 'into mental mountaintops'. Here is where 'dreams of the past and fantasies of the future' can alone be conceived and imagined, unscathed … Continue reading The Monastery of the Mind and ‘The New Patriotism’


The Eternal Welfare-for-Warfare Cycle

Among myriad cliches spun by the Left, the obligatory 'all conservatives are warmongers' epithet is among the most pervasive. While both presidents Bush launched wars that were followed by President Obama's catastrophic Arab Spring and 'the big lie' known as the Iran nuclear deal, the truth behind the cause of modern history’s bloodiest wars is … Continue reading The Eternal Welfare-for-Warfare Cycle

The Feminist Caricature of a Whore

In 1972, Marlon Brando starred in the foreign erotic picture Last Tango in Paris. Co-starring Maria Schneider and filmed on location in Paris, its director Bernardo Bertolucci constructed a portrait of a recently-widowed middle-aged American named Paul (Brando), who becomes involved in an anonymous sexual relationship with a young Parisian woman, Jeanne (Schneider), in the standard-bearer for future challengers to the erotica genre like 50 Shades of Grey, Basic Instinct and Eyes Wide Shut. But today, over 45 years since the Franco-Italian film hit theaters, controversy over circumstances leading to the infamous anal sex rape scene seem more relevant than ever in the wake of Hollywood's hypocrisy related to Harvey Weinstein and others' allegedly 'exploiting women' all too willing to 'put out' in order to get ahead as if part of an internalized 'get rich quick' scheme. After all, women are natural exhibitionists, whether or not they choose to admit it. And many, like a common black widow, spin their webs of deceit through seduction. Indeed, how can any man not agree with the late Ogden Nash's assertion when he quipped “I have an idea that the phrase ‘weaker sex’ was coined by some woman to disarm the man she was preparing to overwhelm”? And in an industry where 'sex sells', Meryl Streep and Oprah Winfrey likely see feeding Weinstein fresh young meat as if part of an underground conveyor belt, as diamonds in the rough — just another part of the job. They might as well have held up a sign reading "Just go in, lie flat on your back, open wide and spread your legs, smile, and think of all those millions of dollars to flow your way by allowing Harvey to come and go as he pleases. It'll only hurt a second."

The New Emperor of Zhongnanhai

As history progresses, China's rapid ascent into a global superpower will force the world to watch with bated breath developments as they emerge from Zhongnanhai. Formally handed his second term as China's president at the close of last year's Chinese Communist Party Congress, questions and concerns over whether the 64-year old Xi plans to rule beyond 2022 continue to mount when consider that more than 40 years of Mao's successors blocked the path for an all-powerful demagogue to rise in the wake of the 'Great Helmsman's' bloody revolution and purges.

The Civil Rights Movement is Now An Abject Failure. Will Slavery Reparations or #Blaxit Come Next?

On January 20, 2017, Donald Trump’s patented orange skin, comb over and small hands replaced Hitler’s mustache. And if you believe in CNN, then of course it must be true. But what is true is the current president’s utter dismemberment of the Obama legacy of governance without legislative oversight. Once, some three years ago, Obama’s second press secretary Josh Earnest alluded to the fact Obama considered unilaterally increasing taxation through unconstitutional executive fiat. Combine these rumors with his degree to construct Housing and Urban Development projects in high-end and middle class neighborhoods, and the writing is not only on the wall, but some day when the Democrats control the White House and Congress, the final brick will have been laid for Apartheid. The lone questions, then, are how our government reconciles slavery reparations with growing demands for a black exodus to their ancestral lands in Africa (perhaps it shall be called #Blaxit), given the other demographics, most prominently the Asian community, are finding action, not good intentions, is the only option now. What a Catch-22. Jim Crow is now the star of a minstrel show as the devil in a blue dress.

#MeToo Leftists Have Voted for Generations to Complete America’s Transformation Into a #ShitHole

People naturally love liars and passionately hate the insensitive rubes who tell the truth because the truth would set them free (John 8:31-34), and living the pleasurable lie is worth eternal enslavement to experience the euphoria of instant gratification. The liar, like the alchemists of old, is an evil genius dishing out 'fool's gold' to compensate for his clientele's inequities in exchange for participating in 'the big lie'. And politicians who immediately pledge to 'never lie' (Jimmy Carter, anyone?) are the most beloved of all liars because, like any artful salesman, their lone goal is to sell lemons to prospective customers by mortgaging their reputation — the consequences be damned. Whether they are crooked used car salesmen or politicians, or lifelong businessmen like Donald Trump with his pyramid scheme operation through Trump University, they all learned to play the consumer culture like hearts from Hell, to mimic the Devil's impeccable mastery of intrigues. The most egregious politicians promise a free lunch, yet never disclose just where that mystery meat was purchased nor who actually paid for it. Therefore, it is only natural that most people love liars to the point of idolatry—  purchasing their posters, watching their films, reading 'self-help' books or accepting Oprah's truth as the new Gospel — because people unerringly elect the wolf in sheep's clothing while spurning the hated but reliable Shepherd tending his flock. Gullibility, marinated in the stew of greed, jealousy and dissolution, drive these blithe little sheep blinded by indignation to consume what the wolf in sheep's clothing rationed until one day the wolf, himself facing starvation as the supply in storage dwindled, devours the last of the flock after revealing he not only had never been part of the flock, but had fed them the mutton of a neighbor whose fleece, white as snow, he now wears.

Nikki Haley: America’s Iron Lady

Though she cut her teeth inside the state house in Columbia, South Carolina, it will be in the trenches of the hostile imperialist assembly chamber of the United Nations in New York where history will record the legacy of Nikki Haley as one born to fulfill her destiny as 'America's Iron Lady' and, perhaps, follow in the footsteps of her two predecessors of the namesake, Israel's Golda Meir and Margaret Thatcher of Britain, as America's first woman president. Her approach, as defined by her iron will and chic style, have provided her opportunities through merit no 'glass ceiling' will serve to preface for the Left's defiant narrative.