Transitioning From ‘The Great Society’ to ‘America First’ — and How It Could Be Done

How might America learn from Quebec how to both reconcile the cultural and political narrative, while still maintaining our constitutional prerogative? For one, Mrs. Thatcher also warned in her book Statecraft: Strategies for a Changing World (2002) to “Never believe that technology alone will allow America to prevail as a superpower” — and this point rings particularly true with respect to our rivalry with China. Another suggestion, more along Sen. Rubio’s lines, could be to paraphrase Rev. Robert Sirico’s quotation of Mother Teresa of Calcutta: “We should not judge the rich. We do not advocate class struggle. We advocate class encounter: where the rich save the poor, and the poor save the rich.” It’s also important to recall that, as Chairman Mao promulgated in 1942 at the height of the Sino-Japanese War, “There is in fact no such thing as art for art’s sake, art that stands above classes, art that is detached from or independent of politics… they are, as Lenin said, cogs and wheels in the whole revolutionary machine.” Given the curious declaration by Kasich that the U.S. should tout liberal political values but insists on describing them as ‘Judeo-Christian’ or as expressions of ‘our Jewish and Christian tradition,’ he appeared prepared to do a little social engineering himself. At the time, I believed this to be in defiance of the great conservative principle of methodical, organic societal evolution. After all, my thoughts were that the biggest losers would be both religious liberty and freedom of the press. Now, I’m convinced that our inaction for nearly 30 years is the primary reason why we are seeing our culture slip away before the altar of political correctness like so many countries throughout the West.

The Rise of the Intellectual Dark Web in the Age of Woke

Enter in 2019 the Intellectual Dark Web (or, IDW) ―an ideologically unmoored ensemble of thinkers and individuals from all backgrounds who, while willing to disagree (and at times, do so fiercely), they nevertheless embrace the principle of civil conversation and disengagement. This list of leading figures of the IDW varies in gender, sexual orientation, race, and political affiliation, and do not form alliances based on their identities or tribal affiliation. As the organization’s website concludes on its front page, while most figures “have been more-or-less roasted by the campfire by their ‘tribe’ and the online public at large,” they nevertheless “have been able to find a wide audience that resonates with what they have to say” ―and in other words, form ‘new tribes’ in the spirit of democracy (but not at the ballot box) because “they are willing to voice what others think, but are too unwilling to say publicly.” As a result, they don’t pretend to have the answers to life’s questions (no one but God has those), but they are willing to offer suggestions for anyone willing to consider them.

In 1989, Communism Fell. In 2019, It Returned Through Green Politics.

Each autumn, the world revels in the celebrations of Halloween and for some denominations of Christianity the next day, All Saint’s Day, which counteracts its All Hallow’s Eve. The following week, Britons remember, remember the Fifth of November and the failed gunpowder plot of revolutionary anarchist, Guy Fawkes, in 1606 geared to assassinate the Stuart monarch King James I. Some three to four weeks later depending on the year, America gives thanks for nearly 400 years of Anglo-American settlement at Plymouth, Massachusetts, understanding the blessings of their lives in a free land where just years prior to November 1621, the English separatists history would declare as the American pilgrims fled and were displaced due to their non-conformity to the Church of England’s sovereignty. Yet so few recall how just 26 years ago, a simple clip of an iron barb wire fence along the Hungarian frontiers bordering Austria and West Germany ignited an unprecedented zeitgeist of mammoth geopolitical proportions. It was as the epic lyrics of Billy Joel declared. “We didn’t start the fire.” The yearning for human freedom and liberty “was always burning.”

Indeed, history is full of coincidences, and like playing Jenga, removing one block can cause the entire tower to collapse. While the Polish people celebrated the nation’s first free election on June 4 1989, the Chinese people were carrying out the dead bodies of the protestors and fellow comrades who may have been innocent bystanders felled by the Chinese People’s Liberation Party from Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. Thus, June 4 was a pivotal point in history in separate hemispheres, with different meanings: while it symbolized the start of a new and democratic future in Poland, it was the fateful end of the short-lived democratic movement in China.

The Intermarium Gambit: Eastern Europe’s Path To Divide and Checkmate the Crumbling Eurasian Heartland

“For the Intermarium to successfully form, Poland — which borders both Germany and Russia — must lead the Visegrad Group and Three Seas Initiative to undermine and isolate both the dying German-dominated European Union and the renewed ambitions of the economically-ailing Russian bear to its east. While the resurrection of a modern Kalmar Union in Scandinavia following the EU’s collapse is less likely due to the small populations collectively in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, its potential partnership with Poland ― with backing from the U.S. ― stands not only to be the coronation of a major geopolitical actor whose design is to drive a hostile wedge up the gut through the continent’s heartland, but as the principal intercessor between the imperial ambitions of Russian Eurasianism and a United States of Europe. Here, the idea is a gambit to greatly decrease the probability of another catastrophic continental war on one hand; and on the other, secure Western Civilization in the wake of the open hijra by migrants who, according to ISIS, will someday by design destabilize and Islamify Europe.”

Will Darwin Be Canceled From Our ‘Woke’ Culture?

Yet what’s so astonishing in the wake of this rising ‘moral perfectionism’ is how little the Left seem to understand that Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution provided the doctrine behind white supremacy, the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust; as well as a key component, alongside Nietszche and Ivan Pavlov’s study of classical conditioning for dogs, for Stalin’s rule by terror and conquest in the Soviet Union.