The War on Drugs: A Dialogue Between Cold Logic and Bleeding Hearts

The question of morality is an argument between personal and political ethics versus an ever-expanding state — a matter so impossible to reconcile who has the right to make might between individual liberty and democratic pluralism. Thus, the conflict between religious freedom (socially contractual) and economic liberty (individualism, anarchy) is an eternal debate between the hot and cold in understanding the war on drugs.

Millennials — America’s Largest Generation — Were Raised by Baby Boomers to be Useful Idiots

The traditional role of families, the sense of community through schools and churches, of comradery and, in general, the desire for liberty are not merely discouraged, but often outlawed, enforced by the wrath of myriad federal bureaucracies openly persecuting and incarcerating political foes and social outcasts. With Millennials’ increasing power establishing an idiocracy governed from a “safe zone,” it will be difficult to fix America’s rapidly-expanding ignorance given today’s collegians become paralyzed whenever their “microaggressions” are triggered.