The Schizotypy of Donald Trump

Fears over President Trump’s green approach to statecraft, ignorance of constitutional law and blatant disregard of proper decorum continues snowballing over his incessant psychotic rants over Twitter at the witching hour every night. At times, they are so incoherent and shockingly disorganized that his own Executive Branch must remain on standby to find the pieces to put the schizotypal president back together again.

Last Friday’s Trump/Ryan rebranded can of Obamacare soup died once the House Freedom Caucus heroically nixed the plan. The president’s intent was to sell Congress on the full removal of the Employer Mandate from Obamacare. Yet that pledge to “repeal and replace” was, through stealth, simply transitioned to private citizens to purchase their own coverage, with no incentives remaining for employers to return to offer coverage to employees both because of the nature of what Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan proposed compounded by the original Obamacare’s utter destruction of the national medical industry’s place within the private sector. Killing the employer mandate will certainly relieve employers who otherwise laid off workers or simply were forced to slash hours below the allotted minimum of 30 hours. But those with no coverage under Obamacare not only will be without health care coverage through their employer, the burden is shifted squarely to the taxpayers themselves who, rather than pay increased taxes into the federal government, are instead accountable to actual corporate insurers who charge a 30 percent penalty fee every month for 12 consecutive months for every two months one goes without coverage. But far worse than a simple transferral of regulatory responsibility is the plan’s provision to open up Medicare/Medicaid coverage across state lines which would effectively take away all autonomy from the states and, for all intents and purposes, create the universal single payer system which Trump and the Democrats desire rather than the American people choosing and keeping the plan they like.

In effect, the Trump/Ryan plan would complete the process of fully nationalizing the health care industry by functioning almost entirely as a single massive government agency, killing the individual’s right to prompt medical treatment in the case of emergencies, choose who provides his health care coverage, doctors, hospitals and ultimately, to stop the federal government from cutting off funding to those absorbing more tax money than what they produce. Those most affected by this amoral rationing of medical resources would be the elderly, those cancer-stricken or afflicted with other potentially fatal diseases, and babies who, while still in the womb, are arbitrarily determined to be disabled or deformed and thus, recommended for abortion by the health care provider — or if the federal government compels expectant mothers to do so through legal channels or cutting off medical treatment.

National Enquirer Oswald Cruz Father
Cover of The National Enquirer smearing Sen. Ted Cruz over false allegation of Rafael Cruz’s involvement in the Kennedy assassination.

Rather than accept criticism for his presidency’s epic failure given that his victory in November must be credited to both Julian Assange and James Comey, Trump pulls his best matador bullfight charade before the bull hits himself squarely in his derriere over his failed policies and bizarre behavior. Red State’s Jay Caruso quite bluntly reminds readers how Trump sells himself as the ultimate alpha-male, as the guy “who fights,” who “hits back,” “says what he means,” and is the “manly man man.” But in truth, Caruso’s diagnosis behind the president’s gaudy veneer is that he is a spineless, “thin-skinned bully who shrinks when somebody goes back at him,” whose “thin skin is legendary in that he is always whining how somebody or something is being ‘unfair’ to him.” His lone, and quite effective, weapon is in his proficiency at erratically deflecting blame. For instance, when asked about spreading the lie about Rafael Cruz’s (father of Sen. Ted Cruz) participating in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, he merely replied, “I just read it in the paper. I didn’t say it.” That “paper” was The National Enquirer, whose chief executive, David Pecker (of #TrumpLovesPecker fame), so happens to be a very close friend to Trump. And Trump later revisited the bizarre charge upon Sen. Cruz’s initial refrain from endorsing his choleric opponent.

The National Enquirer is not alone as a media canary singing from Trump the Cowardly President’s tune to America’s ears (or, Twitter). Last night (Saturday, 25 March 2017), he tweeted for his supporters to tune into Fox News’ weekend prime time talk show Judge Jeanine to listen to his puppet Jeanine Pirro — who received campaign donations from Trump while failing to disclose these publicly before the 2016 campaign season — implode through her own diarrhea of the mouth. Among his most vociferous attack dogs, Pirro, a failed primadonna state attorney from New York and ex-wife to convicted felon Albert J. Pirro, Jr., did not disappoint.

Like any bully, Trump cannot fight and win his own battles on a level playing field. And like the Democratic National Committee’s forwarding debate questions to Hillary Clinton prior to CNN’s presidential debate, Trump now commands the majority of the conservative media — save the few truly reputable outlets — as propaganda. Recall that Bannon, the former CEO of the Alt-Right publication Breitbart News, was the beneficiary according to several anonymous sources of a very lucrative “pay-for-play” publication of pro-Trump propaganda and hit pieces directed at his foes such as: the smear and destruction of former journalist and anchor Michelle Fields’ reputation involving former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski physically assaulting her in Florida, the sickening op-ed by far right-wing Jewish activist David Horowitz attacking neoconservative intellectual and pundit Bill Kristol for being a “renegade Jew,” as well as fabricated details in collaboration with Dr. Ben Carson to sabotage Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign the night of the Iowa Caucus after a Carson campaign staffer called into CNN to inform he would stop campaigning.

But the irreverent Trump’s newest dysfunction was initially directed at the House Freedom Caucus (see Trump’s tweet attacking it above, along with my responses to him), against whom he attempted to pull the classic Democrat tactic of shaming them into supporting his plan by declaring Planned Parenthood would continue receiving unfettered federal funds otherwise. In these ways, parallels drawn between Trump and the neurotic Richard Nixon grow increasingly apparent when considering his political czar (Bannon) insists that Trump “keep a shit list” of those Republicans “disloyal” to him, but not their constituents. Yet few recall that it was Speaker Ryan who convinced Trump to pull the bill off the table — the man who President Trump now places the bulk of the blame for his own bill’s shortcomings — who is now the scapegoat. As Caruso reiterates in closing, one must understand that Trump views all failure as “losing” due to the actor himself being a “loser”.

How soon random anonymous sources surface expressing “disappointment” with Speaker Ryan by suggesting it “may be time” for the House to “go in a different direction” is unclear, but happen it will. So yes, Speaker Ryan must watch his back at all times, for as depraved as the Left is, Trump’s Alt-Right black shirts have sought to lynch his foes for over two years based on Bannon‘s long standing “shit list” — which now includes conservatives daring to defy his ultimatum that they “have no choice but to vote for this bill.” 


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