Construction of Trump’s Potemkin Village on Drained D.C. Swamp is Far Ahead of Schedule

In essence, what Never Trump conservatives long feared has now reared its ugly head, and wasted little time doing so. America really did vote last November on Obama’s policies, his pledge to usher in “Change we could believe.” The Republicans are now pivoting hard left with each new day, while the Democrats, by their own admission, are nothing if not elected Marxists. Such lack of empathy by any Republican for the “great unwashed” historically plays into the Democrats’ hands like political silly putty. And it will again in less than two years given the inauspicious start to Trump’s presidency.

He is only president for one reason, and one reason only. Had Barack Obama not served as president for two disastrous terms, there would be no President Trump nor his Republican Party to “drain the swamp” in order to construct his Potemkin Village.