“… and the flowers bloom like madness in the Spring”: The Global Left’s Declaration of War on Trump, Language, Borders and Culture

Amoral left-wing orthodoxy views people as entirely expendable so long as their suffering meets the actors’ ends. It should never shock anyone for Churchill to have applied identity politics by morally paralleling the World Trade Center victims to disciples of Adolf Hitler. Thus, “reactionaries” or “rightists” guilty of political wrongdoing according to degenerate leftists must be subjected to brutal ostracism for failing to conform to their prescribe universal truths that contradict true diversity. Few recall amid Churchill’s violation of Godwin’s law when Barack Obama tied the left-wing consensus that Al-Qaeda merely expressed their “legitimate grievances” on 9/11 to its collaboration with the United Nations and Arab League’s mandate from the Qur’an’s to fully control Jerusalem in accordance to the pre-1967 borders. Thus the month of December saw the former Islamophile president open the door to Israel’s pending doom through rabid anti-Israeli UN ambassador Samantha Power, who in 2001 called for the U.S. to invade Israel to impose a permanent “just and lasting peace” through more bloodshed. Power’s abstention of the latest resolution demanding the Jewish state return to her pre-1967 borders (and thus fully transfer control over Jerusalem to the Palestinians) — or why John Kerry declared that Israel can either be democratic or Jewish, but not both — illustrates the underlying left-wing anti-semitism behind Sec. Kerry’s suggestion in 2014 that Israel is an Apartheid state.